Welcome to my world


You may have guessed by now this is my personal blog. My name is +Allan Palmer and I am a Specialist Anaesthetist in Brisbane, Australia. No I dont like the the distinction ‘Specialist’ much either as I find it rather derogatory towards my General Practice anaesthetic colleagues  However that is the official term so it has to be used.

So why am I creating this blog?

Well I have been experimenting with various blogging formats over the last few years and none have really appealed. I recognise the simplicity of +WordPress , and enjoy the complexity and raw power of +Drupal . Indeed I run a few Drupal sites wearing my other hat of a freelance medical IT consultant. Indeed I love using Drupal. So why isnt this blog on Drupal? (well it used to be)!

Because a year or so I fell for the wiles of Google+. Over the last year and a half I have met some amazing people and thoroughly enjoyed using the G+ technology. But the mighty engineering team in the Googleplex have not permitted integration easily with external content management systems ie WordPress and Drupal. Now this DOES result in a dramatic reduction in SPAM. I like that. But G+ has an amazing comment and search system, and I really want to make use of that power. Result – I’m going to mess around with the blogegr platform for a little while and see what I can make of it.

Oh yes, Blogger DOES integrate well with Google plus. VERY well.

Thats it for now. This was actually a test post but hey, its more interesting than Lora ipsum …….