Socially Enhanced Anaesthetist – Speakers

This coming Sunday (130pm Australian time, 0330 UTC) I am chairing a session titled “The Socially Enhanced Anaesthetist” at the Australian Society of Anaesthetists annual meeting.
My session will both take part in the real world, and partly online. It will also be live streamed.
Yes the timing is not ideal for many parts of the world but I have no control over that!
Further details for anyone who is interested in watching online:
If you preregister then you will be able to take part in the text chat session and throw questions at us!
The direct link to pre-register is at:
Speakers include:
+John Loadsman  from Sydney Australia
+Bill Crozier  from Queensland Australia:
+Daniel Jolley  Darwin, Australia:
and myself +Allan Palmer :
So if you are interested in the intersection of Anaesthetic practice and Social Media please go grab a beer and join us (virtually) down under!